TUC delivers speed, reliability and value
with TU-872 LK/ SLK

The toughness enhanced by an allyl network forming compound in a patent pending technology.

- Dk 3.8; Df 0.009 @10GHz
- High Tg 200 °C/DSC; High Td 340°C/TGA and Survives 10X IR-reflow @260 °C
- Improved z-axis thermal expansion less than 2.5%


Halogen Free Materials

- Environmental friendly materials for lead-free processing compatible
- High thermal reliability and low z-axis thermal expansion
- For mobile communications,servers, base stations and office routers applications
- No-flow and mid-flow Prepreg for rigid-flex and IC Substrate (Cavities) applications


High Thermal Reliability Laminates

- Lead free processing compatible
- Excellent coefficient of thermal expansion
- For servers,base stations, Automotive and consumer
   electronics applications

TUC Products:


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TUC works with its customers and focuses on innovation, research and development to provide superior quality, value-added laminates and and advanced mass lamination service…

TUC uses the best raw materials and manufacturing standards to produce consistent and reliable products to satisfy the needs in each electronic applications such as high speed...

TUC provides global service network located in Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, USA and Germany. Our team possesses experiences and backgrounds in both PCB and CCL industries ...

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