Mass Lamination Service


TUC uses cutting edge equipment to provide mass lamination service to global PCB manufacturers – from image transfer to automatic build-up to optical inspection. Focusing on applications with impedance control, HDI-designs and high layer counts, TUC offers customers not only a total solution with CCL expertise and PCB inner layer processes, but also production flexibility and cost savings. TUC Taiwan manufacturing capacity exceeds 1,550,000 square feet per month.

Process Capability
Min line width/space: 2/2 mils over H oz
Layer registration: 4 mils
Tooling hole distance: ± 2 mils
Min NC drilling size: 8 mils
NC drilling registration: 2 mils
Max working size: 23.8 x 27.8 inches
Min thickness: 10 mils (4L), 16 mils (6L), 22mils (8L), 28 mils (10L), 34 mils (12L)
Max thickness: 300 mils
Max layer count: 32 layers
≥18 layers PCB for servers, backpanels and base stations.
10~16 layers PCB for backpanels, base stations, switches, routers and servers.
6~8 layers PCB for DDR modules, HDD, LCD and graphics cards.
4 layers PCB for automotive, LCD applications, HDI designs and motherboards.