Technology Superiority

TUC team possesses experiences and backgrounds in both PCB and CCL industries to provide quick response and total solutions for PCB manufacturers worldwide.
TUC works with its customers and focuses on innovation, research and development to provide superior quality, professional support, value-added materials and advanced mass lamination service catering to the needs of customers in the global electronics industry. TUC uses the best available raw materials and adopts maufacturing standards to produce consistent and reliable products to fulfill the needs in each electronic application.

Technology Superiority
The development of the key performance of TUC Laminates

Our family of tailored products features such advantages as high speed low loss, environmentally friendly, lead free compatible and halogen free, low CTE and superior chemical and thermal resistance, and rigid-flex applications.

Continued technological advancement in materials:
Proprietary R&D expertise with advanced and precise facilities.
Production with quality and consistency.
Dimensional stability and low CTE.
Ultra-thin glass-fabric styles.
Innovation in handling filler and filler dispersion technology.
ULVPTM (Ultra Low Void PrepregTM) - TUC’s proprietary processing results in consistent, nearly void-free products with improved CAF resistance, better impedance control and elimination of striations and dryness.
Laminates with heavy copper foil cladding for automotive and power supply applications.
ZBC 2000 buried capacitance.