Quality Management

TUC strives to provide superior quality, professional support, value-added materials and advanced mass lamination service to the global electronics industry. With integrity, honesty and continuous innovation, TUC’s commitment to total quality management is founded in client’s requirements. Each employee is expected to achieve his or her tasks the first time in accordance with the quality objectives and our impetus for continuous improvement.

Quality Policy
Get to the root of the matter
Improve continuously
Entire personnel participate
Take guest as senior

Quality Control System

Quality Control System Laminate and Prepreg Mass Lamination
IQC (Incoming Quality Control) Raw material inspection Material inspection
IPQC (In Process Quality Control) Resin/Prepreg property, Working Size,Operation cycle and condition Operation cycle and condition, Line width, Thickness, Dimensional, Registration and others
FQC (Final Quality Control) Surface, Thickness, Dimensional, Laminate property Construction, Thermal strength
OQC (Out-going Quality Control) Surface, Thickness, Dimensional, Laminate property Surface, Thickness, Stamp and others
Specification Reference IPC-4101, IPC-TM-650, IPC-4412, IPC-4562 IPC-TM-650, IPC-A-600, IPC-6012

Quality Certification

INZ 11036
IECQ-H ULTW 11.0021
IECQ-H ULTW 11.0021-01
ISO/IATF 16949:2016
20002973 IATF16
20002972 IATF16
20005241 IATF16
ISO 9001:2015
20002973 QM15
20002972 QM15
20005241 QM15
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