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Education and Development

Our highly qualified personnel is our most important asset!

Our planning and organizational development based on functional needs, regular analysis of human functions and development of personnel training programs, employees reported for duty that is incorporated into the full training system, the different stages of employee performance and functional needs assessment as an indicator, strengthen the core areas of professional skills and quality, supplemented by open and transparent assessment system, to encourage staff to fully demonstrate their competitiveness, as the strength of the company’s growth.

New training courses

Chosen by senior colleagues had reported for duty to guide new staff, and arrange a full environmental awareness, safety instructions and basic training courses for partners to assist smooth integration into the new work environment.

Environmental safety awareness

Compliance with government regulations related to environmental safety and health, on a regular basis to promote environmental safety and the safety-related advocacy training and education so that employees realize the risk of accident prevention knowledge and the need to reduce waste generation.

R&D engineering courses

Heritage and continuation of the core R & D, engineering professional skills, held regularly to share inner courses, provide knowledge exchange platform and plan out training opportunities through participation in international seminars and technical papers published to promote professional knowledge renew and excitation of the innovation capability

Quality Management Program

Regularly to promote the quality of advocacy, training all staff to establish a correct concept of quality, on a regular basis by the relevant management training courses, to strengthen the quality control staff application of the methods and tools for the pursuit of quality goals to achieve.

Leadership and management courses

Based on demand planning at all levels of management courses, training cadres related to leadership ability and task execution.

Career Development

TUC cross-strait production centers and global business layout, provides a smooth function of the development pipeline, and annually through open performance appraisal system, to communicate directly with the head of the objectives of effectiveness and development for individual performance assessment, and as salary, bonuses and promotion of reference.