High Tg Halogen Free Material
Core: TU-862T; Prepreg: TU-862P T

TU-862T High Tg halogen free materials are made of High Tg epoxy resin and E-glass fabric. Unlike conventional FR-4 material using brominated resin as flame retardant, TU-862T /TU-862P T achieves flammability class of UL94V-0 by incorporating phosphorus and nitrogen compounds in the materials. The materials are compatible with the AOI process and exhibit the UV-block characteristic. TU-862P T is designed for use with TU-862T for making multilayer printed wire boards. TU-862T is also available for single/double sided application. This series of green materials are designed to eliminate the use of halogenated resins due to the potential hazardous effects from the environmental concerns. These products are suitable for boards that need to survive severe thermal cycles, or to experience excessive assembly work. TU-862T laminates also exhibit superior chemical resistance, thermal stability for lead free soldering assembly and CAF resistance than conventional High Tg materials.

Main Applications
Backplane, High performance computing
Automotive, Harsh environments
Servers, Telecom, Base station
Office Routers
Key Features
Low halogen and environmental friendly materials
Lead free process compatible
Compatible to PCB processes
Very low coefficient of thermal expansion
Moisture resistance
Anti-CAF capability
Higher Tg characteristics
Property Typical Values
TG (TMA) 175°C
Td (TGA) 370°C
CTE z-axis (50 to 260 °C) 2.0%
T-260/ T288 >60 min/>60 min
Permittivity (RC 50%) @1GHz 4.5
Loss Tangent (RC 50%) @1GHz 0.013
Industry Approvals
IPC-4101 Type Designation: /127, /128, /130
IPC-4101E/130 Validation Services QPL Certified
UL Designation - ANSI Grade FR-4.1
UL File Number: E189572
Flammability Rating: 94V-0
Maximum Operating Temperature: 130°C
Standard Availability
Thickness: 0.002”[0.05mm] to 0.062” [1.58mm], available in sheet or panel form
Copper Foil Cladding: 1/3 to 5 oz (HTE) for built-up & double sides and H to 2 oz (MLS)
Prepregs: Available in roll or panel form
Glass Styles: 106, 1080, 2113, 2116, 1506 and 7628, etc.