Tg 260°C Halogen Free Laminate and Prepreg
Core: TU-900; Prepreg: TU-900P

TU-900 Tg260 material is made of BT-like high performance resin system and E-glass fabric. It’s a halogen free material and design to have both features for high elastic modulus, high reliability and low Dk/Df, low loss category electrical performance at the same time. TU-900 laminate and TU-900P prepreg designed for high reliability multilayer, substrate or, SiP, radio frequency and ultra-thin HDI boards design and applications. The product is suitable for boards that need stringent X, Y dimensional stability, low board distortion or need to experience excessive harsh environmental work. TU-900 materials also exhibit superior chemical resistance, high rigidity, low thermal expansion and excellent long term reliability and CAF performance.

Main Applications
HDI, ELIC Design
Aerospace & Military –Harsh environments
Key Features
Halogen free and antimony, red phosphorous free
Ultra High Tg characteristics
Low-loss category material
Low coefficient of thermal expansion
Excellent moisture resistance
Lead free processing compatible
Anti-CAF capability
Environmental friendly materials
Property Typical Values
Tg (DMA) 260°C
Tg (TMA) 220°C
Td (TGA) 390°C
CTE z-axis (50 to 260 °C) 1.3%
T-260/ T288/ T300 > 60 min/ > 60 min/ > 30 min
Permittivity (RC 70%) @10GHz 3.7
Loss Tangent (RC 70%) @10GHz 0.0055
Industry Approvals
IPC-4101 Type Designation : /127, /128, /130
UL Designation – No ANSI grade
UL File Number: E189572
Flammability Rating: 94V-0
Maximum Operating Temperature: 150oC
Standard Availability
Thickness: 0.0012” [0.03mm] to 0.062” [1.58mm], available in sheet or panel form
Copper Foil cladding: 1/3 to 3 oz
Prepregs: Available in roll or panel form
Glass Styles: 1017, 1027, 1037, 1067, 1078, 3313 and 2116 etc. and others upon request