TU-787 LK

Halogen Free Laminate and Prepreg
Core: TU-787 LK ; Prepreg: TU-787P LK

TU-787 LK halogen free material is formulated with novel low Dk/Df epoxy resin, curing agent and impregnated onto standard E-glass fabric to achieve low loss category high performances material. TU-787 LK targets the material for advanced mobile devices application which features short signal rising time, ultra-thin dielectric thickness, excellent dimensional stability and high material modulus. TU-787P LK prepreg is designed for use with TU-787 LK laminate for making multilayer printed wire boards. This series of green materials are designed to eliminate the use of halogenated resins due to the potential hazardous effects from the environmental concerns. TU-787 LK laminates also exhibit superior chemical resistance, thermal stability and CAF resistance.

Main Applications
Smart phone, Telecom
Office Routers
Mobile Communication
Key Features
Halogen, antimony and red phosphorous free
Halogen, antimony, PN (phenolic group) resin and red phosphorous free
Low and stable Dk/Df
Ultra thin core and prepreg design
Superior dimensional stability
Compatible to PCB processes
Low coefficient of thermal expansion
High modulus properties
Property Typical Values
Tg (DMA) 160°C
Td (TGA) 380°C
CTE z-axis (50 to 260 °C) 2.7%
T288 >60 min
Dk/Df @ RC75 Dk@10GHz 3.4
Dk/Df @ RC75 Df@10GHz 0.009
Industry Approvals
IPC-4101 Type Designation : /127, /128, /130
UL Designation - ANSI Grade: FR-4.1 ( under registration )
UL File Number: E189572
Flammability Rating: 94V-0
Maximum Operating Temperature: 130°C
Standard Availability
Thickness: 0.001” [0.03mm] to 0.062” [1.58mm], available in sheet or panel form
Copper Foil Cladding: 1/3 to 5 oz
Prepregs: Available in roll or panel form
Glass Styles: 1015, 1027, 1037, 1067, 1078, 3313, etc.