PegaClad 1

Very Low Loss and High Thermal Reliability Laminate and Prepreg
Core: TU-1300E; Prepreg: TU-1300P E

PegaClad 1 is an advanced material designed for high frequency very low loss field applications. PegaClad 1’s electrical performance is competitive with hydrocarbon-based very low loss materials, but capable for multi-layer count circuit board design with excellent thermal reliability. PegaClad 1 is suitable for RF/microwave printed circuit board designs.
PegaClad 1 laminates also exhibit excellent moisture resistance, improved CTE, superior chemical resistance, thermal stability, and also compatible with modified FR-4 processes.

Main Applications
Radio frequency
Automotive radars and sensors
Base station antenna
Key Features
Excellent electrical and thermal properties
Dielectric constant is 3.59 @ 10GHz
Dissipation factor is 0.0031 @ 10GHz
Stable and flat Dk/Df performance over frequency and temperature variance.
Compatible with modified FR-4 processes
Excellent moisture resistance and Lead Free reflow process compatible
Improved z-axis thermal expansion
Superior dimensional stability, thickness uniformity and flatness
Excellent through-hole and soldering reliability
Property Typical Values
Tg (DMA) 220°C
Td (TGA) 390°C
CTE-x,y, α1 15-17
CTE-z, α1 35
T-260/ T288/ T300 > 60 min/ > 60 min/ > 60 min
Permittivity (4 mil core) @10GHz 3.59
Loss Tangent (4 mil core) @10GHz 0.0031
Industry Approvals
UL File Number: E189572
ANSI Grade: non-ANSI
Flammability Rating: 94V-0
Maximum Operating Temperature: 140°C
Standard Availability
Thickness: 0.004” [0.1mm] to 0.030” [0.762mm], available in sheet or panel form
Copper Foil Cladding: 1/2 to 2 oz for built-up & double sides
Prepregs: Available in panel form