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High Performance Materials with Traditional FR-4 Processability

TUC’s lead free process compatible products are RoHS compliant and survive lead free assemble with SnAgCu alloys at 260°C. Proven in the assembly line and certified by major EMS providers, TUC base materials have low CTE, excellent dimensional stability, and are CAF resistant and cost effective.

Industry Approvals
UL designation-ANSI grade: FR-4
UL recognized: File number E189572
Flammability rating: 94V-0
RoHS compliant
Standard Availability
Supply forms: CCL are available in sheet or panel; Prepreg are supplied in rolls or panels
Copper foil cladding:1/3 to 5 oz for built-up and double sides
Dimensional stability: Standard mean value ± 250ppm
Specialty Materials Availability
Specialty copper foils cladding: Reverse Treated Copper Foil (RTF), Very Low Profile Copper Foil (VLP), Heavy Copper Foil (HCF) and others.
Specialty Prepregs: Ultra low void prepreg (ULVPTM) and laser drillable prepreg (LDP)
Thin glass-fabric styles


Product Category Product Type Lead Free Process Compatible Halogen Free Small Cell (HDI) Radio Frequency Antenna Power Amplifier mmWave Backplane, High Performance Computing, Base Station Line Cards, Storage Servers Enterprise Routers and Switch, Telecom Mobile Communication Rigid-flex application Automotive
High Frequency Laminate
Extreme Low Loss Laminate
Super Low Loss Laminate
Very Low Loss Laminate
Low Loss Laminates
Mid Loss Materials
Non-flow/ Mid-flow Prepregs
High Thermal Reliability Laminates
Standard Loss Materials